Nicole Spencer - executive director

Nicole Spencer, Executive Director, heads up the transcription services team. She’ll be your sole point of contact and will manage your project from start to finish. Nicole knows the industry inside out, and she’ll make it her mission to deliver a first-class customer experience.

Nicole Spencer established Mediascript Express and Lawscribe in 1997. She quickly set the bar in the industry by providing high-quality transcription services in record time.

Previously, Nicole spent more than 11-years working as an executive assistant to the managing partner of a top law firm in Sydney. There she developed a strong eye for detail, a passion for going above and beyond, and first-class organisational skills, which means she’s an absolute natural when it comes to project management.

When Nicole’s not busy running Mediascript Express, she loves to get out in the big outdoors, spending time relaxing with her husband and two beautiful kelpies.

Meet our team.


Meet Kathy Reeves
Kathy’s first job was as a legal secretary, where she quickly learned the need for speed and accuracy. She then went on to work in a large law firm in the UK and for a property valuer before becoming a transcriber. Working in transcription services has enabled Kathy to balance the demands of raising a family with a rewarding career. She has also earned a university degree while working at Mediascript Express. Now her children are grown up, Kathy spends her free time reading and volunteering in the local community.
Meet Margaret Ross
Margaret has worked in transcription services for many years. Previously she spent a large part of her working life as a personal assistant to barristers – a field she thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, Margaret has worked for large corporations in food-importing, shipping, and the medical industry, where a high degree of accuracy and confidentiality is essential. Margaret loves learning about new things, hearing people’s stories, and enjoys the variety that transcription services work brings.
Meet Sharon Larkins

Sharon was a secretary to barristers and lawyers for many years, where the importance of both accuracy and confidentiality was of the very highest priority. She went on to work as an EA to the managing director of a large commercial architectural practice giving her a good understanding of construction, urban planning terminology and the corporate culture. Sharon loves the spoken and written word and particularly enjoys the stories she transcribes. Being a transcriptionist is the perfect job for her, and she enjoys every minute.

Meet Fiona Jenkins
Fiona enjoys post-production work and is interested in all genres of Australian TV and movie production. She has recently moved to the Upper Hunter, where she spends her free time gardening, growing vegetables, and caring for her Speckled Park cattle.
Meet Fiona Jenkins
Naomi worked for many years as an executive assistant to the CEO of a disability company. She joined Mediascript Express in 2005 and enjoys working in a role that demands a high degree of accuracy and absolute confidentiality. Naomi loves the variety of work that transcription services brings and particularly enjoys hearing interesting stories about people’s experiences.
Meet Cath Cornelius
Typing was Cath’s favourite subject at business college, so she decided to start her career working as an executive assistant. Later, she returned to education to study music before joining Mediascript Express ten years ago, where her drive for perfection, excellent spelling and love of language found a natural home. Cath has a keen interest in world events, so she enjoys hearing stories, debates, and opinions on a diverse range of topics.

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