Transcription services you can count on

Our Australian-based transcription services are fast, accurate, and secure. What’s more, we provide excellent value for money, deliver worldwide in 24-hours or less, and we’re available 365 days a year.



Post-production scripts

Production companies, broadcasters and distributors have been trusting us with their post-production scripts since 1997. We can tailor yours to include shot lists, timecodes, dialogue, voiceover, captions, credits, music cues and more.


Webinar Transcription

Don’t miss the opportunity to use webinar transcriptions to reach a wider audience and boost your search results. We provide webinar and digital marketing transcriptions for big names such as Amazon Web Services, and we can transcribe your webinars too!


Timecode Transcription

A timecode transcription of interviews or raw footage is perfect for locating the sound bites you need. From burnt in timecodes to timestamped MP3s, our timecode transcription services will increase efficiency and speed up your editing workflows.


Interview Transcription

If you need high-quality interview transcription services, we can provide a complete, verbatim transcript, capturing the words precisely as they're spoken. Or we can remove the "errs" and "ums", delivering an interview transcription that's easy to read and simple to understand.


Audio Transcription

We offer audio transcription services provided by highly talented transcribers who can cut through tricky language, jargon, and background noise, delivering flawless audio transcriptions in record time.


Video Transcription

Video transcription is essential for locating an exact quote or fact. Our video transcription services provide timecoded transcripts that solve the problem, making it easy to find what you're looking for.


NCAT & Court Transcription

We provide accurate court transcriptions that record witness testimonies and judge or jury decisions so there’s no room for confusion down the track. We cover all legal jurisdictions, including the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), arbitration, mediation & more.


Legal Transcription

Our specialist legal transcription services are a cut above the rest. Since 1997, we've offered a fast, confidential service to legal professionals who rely on our accurate legal transcriptions to help build better cases.


Academic Transcription

Academic transcriptions are ideal for students looking for better grades or educators who want the best for their students. Our accurate academic transcription services enable a fuller understanding of lectures and research interviews, setting you on the path to success.

How the process works


1. You upload your file


2. We transcibe it

3.We invoice you


4. We email your transcription on payment of invoice

We offer a 24-hour turnaround and we’re available 24 Hours A day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year

About Us

Mediascript Express is a trusted, Australian-owned transcription services company that’s been providing fast, reliable, and secure audio and video transcriptions since 1997.

Our transcribers are quite simply the best in the business. It’s their unwavering commitment to service excellence that’s earned us our longstanding, international reputation. Over the years, we’ve transcribed hundreds of thousands of hours of transcripts for a wide range of industries, including leading Australian law firms and big names such as the BBC, the ABC, Amazon, and Wilson Asset Management.

Nicole Spencer –
Executive Director

Why Choose Mediascript Express?


Save Time and Money

You need your files transcribed fast, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself. That’s where we come in. We promise to get your files back to you on time – or sooner – and at a competitive price. Even better, if you’re in US or UK time zones, we can work on your project while you sleep!


We guarantee your files will be transcribed quickly and accurately. Strong language skills, excellent grammar, and perfect spelling are our strengths. What’s more, you can rely on us to go above and beyond standard transcription services. We’ll always check the finer details for your peace of mind.

Australian Run Company

Mediascript Express is a 100% Australian owned transcription services company run by Nicole Spencer, who works from her office in Northern NSW. Our talented transcribers have many years of experience working in corporate Australia. Not to mention, they’re Australian based, and English is their first language.


Our website data is securely encrypted, so you can upload your files with complete confidence. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being discreet and confidential. And we’re always happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if your project demands it.


What our clients say

Heartwood_Adriana_maria transcription-coffee

Our Company Guarantee

Making sure you’re 100% satisfied with our service is the reason we’ve become one of the most successful transcription services in Australia. We guarantee accurate transcriptions, fast turnaround times, and we never miss a deadline. That’s why our happy clients return to us time after time.

Meet Cath Cornelius
Typing was Cath’s favourite subject at business college, so she decided to start her career working as an executive assistant. Later, she returned to education to study music before joining Mediascript Express ten years ago, where her drive for perfection, excellent spelling and love of language found a natural home. Cath has a keen interest in world events, so she enjoys hearing stories, debates, and opinions on a diverse range of topics.
Meet Fiona Jenkins
Naomi worked for many years as an executive assistant to the CEO of a disability company. She joined Mediascript Express in 2005 and enjoys working in a role that demands a high degree of accuracy and absolute confidentiality. Naomi loves the variety of work that transcription services brings and particularly enjoys hearing interesting stories about people’s experiences.
Meet Fiona Jenkins
Fiona enjoys post-production work and is interested in all genres of Australian TV and movie production. She has recently moved to the Upper Hunter, where she spends her free time gardening, growing vegetables, and caring for her Speckled Park cattle.
Meet Sharon Larkins

Sharon was a secretary to barristers and lawyers for many years, where the importance of both accuracy and confidentiality was of the very highest priority. She went on to work as an EA to the managing director of a large commercial architectural practice giving her a good understanding of construction, urban planning terminology and the corporate culture. Sharon loves the spoken and written word and particularly enjoys the stories she transcribes. Being a transcriptionist is the perfect job for her, and she enjoys every minute.

Meet Margaret Ross
Margaret has worked in transcription services for many years. Previously she spent a large part of her working life as a personal assistant to barristers – a field she thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, Margaret has worked for large corporations in food-importing, shipping, and the medical industry, where a high degree of accuracy and confidentiality is essential. Margaret loves learning about new things, hearing people’s stories, and enjoys the variety that transcription services work brings.
Meet Kathy Reeves
Kathy’s first job was as a legal secretary, where she quickly learned the need for speed and accuracy. She then went on to work in a large law firm in the UK and for a property valuer before becoming a transcriber. Working in transcription services has enabled Kathy to balance the demands of raising a family with a rewarding career. She has also earned a university degree while working at Mediascript Express. Now her children are grown up, Kathy spends her free time reading and volunteering in the local community.

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